About Us

The Eight Bright Eyes concept has been borne out of a passion for both travel and video production. The inspiration has come from years of exploration, adventures, misadventures and discovery – some of which are now too far in the past. The Eight Bright Eyes TV show will follow a family of four – Rob (Dad), Lou (Mum), Jarvis (4) and Carmen (nearly 3) throughout their travels. The show and this behind the scenes site will take you through the choices, considerations, planning, adventures and highlights of a series of trips all over the world. We’ve been working in video for over 20 years and now we’re strapping on those backpacks again and keen to take the viewer to new places. There are hundreds of travel shows out there, most of which we love. But we’re keen to explore new territory and show you how travel with kids doesn’t have to be a package holiday to the Gold Coast or the islands. It can be brave, exciting, off the wall and an enriching experience for the whole family, no matter how big or small.

Our Passions

  • Seeing the world ( 100% )
  • Filming the world ( 100% )
  • Broadening our experiences ( 100% )
  • Being tied to a desk ( 0% )

The Team

Traveller slash Presenter slash Editor
Traveller slash Producer slash Camera-girl